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Cooking food creates the toxins that cause welfare diseases

The Wai sites are the result of doing research for a book. Originally we were just doing research about the relation between diet and the skin, but the more scientific studies we read (mostly financed by pharmaceutical companies), the more we discovered that 'they' very well know the causes of major diseases, which they publicly pretend not to know.

The reason is that those studies are financed for one reason only: to make money. These pharmaceutical companies are not there to make us healthier, they are just there to make money, by 'exploring pharmaceutical solutions'. They donít want you to know the causes of diseases and prevent them, they just want you to buy their drugs. And since these are commercial companies, it would be unfair to expect any differently.

The problem is, however, that our healthcare system relies on findings from such scientific studies, mostly financed by pharmaceutical companies, either directly or indirectly (sponsoring of universities). This system is therefore 'designed' to make us more dependent on drugs than to prevent disease.

Do we want that?

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